The gala Christmas celebrations are over and before you get a moment to catch your breath – New Year is already at your doorsteps! The New Year brings with it many new promises of a better year ahead.

We make resolutions, we try to make positive changes and when we are really into the New Year spirit we revamp our surroundings starting with an interior decor upgrade.

While there are countless home decor ideas, but changing the decor according to the season is a great way to do a quick interior fix. With only a few changes you can add a touch of charm and warmth to your home for the frosty winters.

Behold My Dear #Throners – Here are some awesome decor ideas coz WINTER IS HERE:

“It’s time for some refreshing, warm and vibrant colors as the winter is almost here.”

  1. Add Floor carpets
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

An attractive and cozy way to start restyling your home can be “adding carpets to the floor”. Walking barefoot on a cold floor can be really hard in the winters. Save your lovely feet from the frost and add some rugs or carpets all through the house to ensure a cozy, warm and inviting ambiance. You can match the color and texture of the carpet with the styling theme of your home.

  1. The emerald touch
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

This can be a vibrant texture to add a touch of warmth to your home this winter. We have seen an increase in the trend of opting for nature-inspired colors as the base theme for revamping the interior and this deep-dark green shade is unquestionably a snug and inviting choice. Using the emerald textures with contrasting paints and patterns can add a luxurious touch of warmth and luxury to your home.

  1. The velvet touch
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

A touch of velvet grace is a winter staple for sure! Velvet creates an ambiance of magnificence and luxury. Adding velvet drapes or throw pillows allows you to style your living room with a luxurious touch of grace. To add life to your living place you can choose colors that best reflects your own personality.

  1. The natural element décor
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

Using natural accents like flowers, wood, stones, leaves and the like for creating a crafty décor has gained a lot of popularity. A basket clubbed with all these natural elements can be a great centerpiece for your living room or common area.

  1. Accessorize your home according to the season
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

Choosing the correct décor items can give your winter home the perfect makeover. A dark shaded chandelier, customized candles, and rustic lamps can prove to be the best choice for you this winter. Such a wintery makeover will help you create a charismatic and mood-enhancing environment in your home.

  1. Craft it up
Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE

The idea of using natural elements and accessorizing crafts is never out of trend. Be it those rough jute rugs, linen-based tablecloths, organic ceramics or lush green patterns, all these selections can uplift the tone of your home this winter. It’s all about clubbing these natural elements together. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of color hues. Ceramic grey, off-white and dark black, are some of the in trend hues.

  1. Cosy Fireplace
 Home Decor Ideas Because WINTER IS HERE!

Fireplaces are certainly the most important part of the home in winters but what if these fireplaces can be one of those home decors adding a great outlook of luxury to your home. You can give your fireplace a complete makeover by decorating it with some classic winter patterns, Christmas theme objects, and those dark shaded flowers.


There you have it the top seven decor ideas to perk up your interior this New Year! Which ones are you going to use, don’t be shy and share in comments?

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