“I want to lose weight but my appetite and never dying cravings won’t let me”. This is a usual plight of many of my friends, colleagues and family members. Apparently, they all need a magical solution for losing weight.

So many of us sweat over losing those few extra pounds, however, what we fail to understand is that losing weight isn’t rocket science it’s just a matter of few tweaks to the diet. The ones with a bigger appetite need to include volumetric food items in their daily diet, in order to consume low calories but high volumes of food.

Here are some more appetite suppressant ideas that can help you curb your hunger pangs:

  • Apple
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Foods with high fiber and water contents are volumetric. Apples are a rich source of soluble fiber and pectin, which makes it a perfect candidate as your appetite suppressant. Additionally, apples help you to maintain high energy levels which helps regulate the glucose supply of the body. It also help in improving the body’s your metabolism while curbing your hunger.

  • Spinach
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Spinach is a healthy source of thylakoids, which act as a natural appetite suppressant. Consumption of thylakoids reduces the amount of food we need to eat by increasing the production of the leptin hormones. It is responsible for signaling the human brain to stop eating after a sufficient amount has been consumed.

  • Chocolate
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Chocolate, doesn’t seem too likely to make it in this list, right? What if it can actually help you to lose weight? Thank your stars coz in truth chocolate can help you shed a pound or two. Consuming dark chocolate with high cocoa contents can help you curb your cravings. The bitter taste of dark chocolates signals the brain to stop eating. Also, the steric acid contents of chocolate slow the digestion process, and as a result, you will feel full for longer period of time.

  • Coffee
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Coffee beans are a great source of antioxidants for your body that can help you boost your metabolism. A moderate and controlled intake of coffee can help you suppress your appetite. But you should avoid consuming too much amount of coffee to ensure it does not cause any side effect like nervousness or jitteriness. A cup or two in a day is a healthy way to go.

  • Water
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Consuming a glass or two before a meal reduces the calorie intake of the body. It will also help you to boost the digestion power of your body. Additionally, a sufficient amount of water helps you keep your body energized throughout the day.

  • Ginger
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Ginger is known for improving the digestion power of the human body. It acts as an antioxidant improving the energy flow in the human body and in turn improving the digestion process.You can add ginger smoothies to your diet or can use ginger paste for a number of vegetable recipes to improve your digestion and curbing your hunger.

  • Salad
Curbing Your Hunger With These Appetite Suppressants

Salad is a good source for gaining healthy calories and nutrition required for the functioning of the body. Consuming salad before your actual meal signals the brain that the required calories have been gained and consequently the hunger monster is curbed for long.

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