Once a year, go some place you have never been before

Dalai lama

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Seeing the new year in is a night to remember and a great excuse to party till dawn. It is also a great time to travel and experience different celebrations around the world. When it comes to New Year celebration, each person has their own way of celebrating, while some may prefer to sit at home watching the New Year special programs that are being telecaste on the television; some may prefer to roam around the world crazily to enjoy the essence of this special day. Countries around the world will be ringing in the new year soon with fireworks,festivals, friends,parties, and, of course, kisses. It is an exciting time and a holiday that knows no nationality.


New York

Times Square has been a focal point of New Year’s activity for more than a hundred years. Millions come into the square to watch the famed ball drop. Millions more around the world hold their breath watching Times Square on New Years Eve as the New Year’s Eve Ball drops. If you want to be at Times Square, dress warm and arrive early – people start gathering around 3pm on New Year’s Eve. The festivities continue after midnight with remarkable fireworks around the city and lots of late night drinking at the bars and clubs. For a slightly less chaotic experience, book a reservation at one of the bars or restaurants overlooking Times Square.



Sydney has two claims to fame for its New Year’s Eve celebrations: first, because of its location, it’s the first major city where the clock strikes midnight; second, Sydney puts on the largest fireworks display in the world, with one at 9 pm and another at midnight, with the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House making for a striking setting. More than a million people attend the waterfront show, which also includes an air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal smoking ceremony that is said to cleanse bad spirits, and the Harbor of Light Parade, a flotilla of more than 50 illuminated boats in the harbor.



 Barcelona presents a double Decker to wind up (start) your New Year in style. The festivities over here starts at 9 PM, so be geared up to enjoy the loads at the Official Event. The New Year called as the Nochevieja is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at Barcelona, head to the Celebrate this eve at the official event that takes place near Montujic’s Magic fountain. Tourists from all over the world gather to hear the 12 bells chime at midnight, so join along with others to celebrate the arrival of new year, watch the Pyrotechnic display that lasts for several minutes.



 Among the various beautiful countries in Europe Istanbul is one of the Best Places to Spend New Year. You will get to see different things from different countries on this new start metaphor. This year see what Istanbul is going to give you? Some best places in Istanbul for celebrating New Year are Taksim square, Istikul Street and the Faith districts. Midnight looks truly spectacular from the Golden Horncountdown from the vantage points, watch the NYE fireworks, find some place for yourself at the wine houses, pubs, cafes and restaurants or take a special dinner cruise on Bosphorus, and if you want some privacy head to Kervansaray restaurants.

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