A stroll at the tranquil beaches, an adventure at the top of a mountain, discovering a new city like nomads! Oh, the fun of going on holidays is unmatched.


Don’t get ahead of yourself though, coz to enjoy there, you need to first get there! And getting there can be a sorry story if you aren’t well-prepared. For the love of traveling the explorer in you needs to learn a thing or two before setting sail!


Travelling can be a lot of fun and an incredible experience, but you can’t overlook the hidden expenses, passport hassles, and unexpected turn of events that may turn-up without warning.


Fear no more my damsels in distress; here I have for you some traveling hacks that will help you enjoy your traveling experience to the fullest:


  1. The list

Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

No matter what, you need to start your planning with a list of items that you will need during the trip or outing, in absence of the ‘holy-list’ you will either end up with too much to carry or will forget something extremely important (like your passportoh, common we all have been there done that!). The ideal start for your travel planning should include penning down every item that you want for your trip. Be it your makeup, accessories, clothes or your camera, you need to note down every possible thing.

  1. Roll-up

Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

The best possible way to optimize your packing is to roll up the clothes while packing. Regular folds and stacking of clothes are meant for your home, where you can stack clothes as high as you want. Folding and stacking clothes while packing it in a suitcase will only lead to wastage of space and will probably end up spoiling the look of your ironed clothes.

  1. Take extra care of your makeup

Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Let’s have one thing clear; a woman on travel cannot survive without her cosmetics and makeup, PERIOD! The quandary with packing makeup is when you open your bag you discover a bunch of cracked compacts, eyeliners and/or shadows and this my friend is a very serious problem (I mean, imagine an insta update without your favorite teal eyeshadow – unthinkable!). To avoid the disappointment of broken makeup, you need to take extra care of your makeup and other beauty products. You can use cotton balls, soft clothes or cushion sponges to pack your makeup products and voila no more damage to your precious.

  1. Pack disposable bags
Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Disposable bags are handy assistants for packing up your wet laundry, towels or other clothes; avoid mixing your clean and dirty clothes or handling those muddy beach shoes. You can additionally use them to carry small products from one place to other.

And ladies, the best part about these disposable bags is that it will only increase your convenience and comfort in the trip, not the storage requirements.

  1. Choose your beauty products and accessories smartly

Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

It’s extremely important for you to choose your beauty products and accessories wisely. You can save a lot of space in your makeup bag by opting for products and accessories that can be used for more than one purpose.

Additionally, try using products like dry shampoo and facial wipes for an easier and more convenient travel experience.

  1. On-demand luggage can be life saviors

Travelling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

There are several brands that offer the service of managing your travel wardrobe. They keep your wardrobe handy at all the times and ready to be shipped on request. Everything that you need for your next trip will be handed over to you as soon as you checkout, from the airport. Additionally, these companies can provide you extra required luggage at minimal rental costs.

Feeling travel ready already? Then what are you waiting for ladies? Get, set, pack your bags and get rolling.

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