The last official release from the University Grants Commission stated that “Only 6% of the total candidates will be declared qualified for UGC NET exams”, making it more difficult for the aspirants aiming to clear the UGC NET 2018.

UGC Conduct the NET exam for shortlisting the brilliant minds for the profile of Lecturers and Research Fellows. Qualifying the UGC NET exam is a daunting task considering the difficulty level of the exam and the results of 4.83, 4.96, 4.08 and 3.96 percent for the last 4 years surely raises the bar of tension.  But with a more planned and organized study approach, you can surely crack the exam with flying colors.

Here are some tips for the aspirants aiming for the UGC NET exam, 2018:

  1. The syllabus

the UGC NET exam 7

The first thing that you need to understand about is the syllabus you have to cover. You need to note down your syllabus. It will help you to identify the topics or subjects that you are comfortable with and the ones that require extra attention. In this manner, you can create a plan of action that can help you optimize your efforts.

  1. Understand the structure of the exam

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Before diving into the preparations for the exams it is important for you to understand the structure the exam will be based upon. The UGC NET exam is conducted in 3 key phases. The first phase includes an objective type General Aptitude Examination. The second and third phase of the exam is related to the subjects that you have studied on the Post-Graduation level. The exam is mainly conducted in subjective mode.

  1. Identifying the right study material

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The study and reference material you use for your preparations have a major impact on your results. You should opt for resources and books that are easy to understand and cover the total scope of the syllabus. UGC itself offers a list of recommended resources and a set of online resource material to assist the aspirants. Additionally, you should avoid opting for too many books, rather focus on a selected range of books.

  1. The plan of action- “Time management planning”

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Now it’ time for the actual planning.

You need to create a preparation plan or schedule that ensures time for learning, revision and testing yourself for the exam. You need to create an action plan that provides you time for preparing for all the three phases of the exams with equal commitments. You need to create time-based milestones for yourself. For example, the time you will dedicate to phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 individually, the time you need to complete the whole syllabus, the time you need for revision etc. This will help you organize your efforts and resources in an optimised manner.

  1. Preparing Notes

the UGC NET exam 7

Preparing notes help you to quickly recapitulate the important points from the topic during the time of revision. It will help you organize the study material, facts, and information in a more meaningful and less complex order. Additionally, it will allow you to create a condensed record for studying while revision. Making flashcards, flow-based diagrams, visual representations, and point-based summaries are some of the best ways towards note making.

  1. Revision and Skill testing

the UGC NET exam 7

Revision allows you to refine your skill set and the things you have learned over the period of time. Additionally, it will help you to bridge the gaps between the knowledge you gained from the initial stage of studies.

Also, it is equally important to test your skills and learning. You can practice last year question papers for UGC NET or take mock tests to test your knowledge. It will help you identify your areas of weakness and strength in relation to the syllabus and will provide a better overview of your performance.

Things to do on the day of the exam:

the UGC NET exam 7
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast that can keep you energized for the day. Fruits, smoothies or oats could be a smart choice. Additionally, you can carry some carry smart snacks like nuts and oats with you.
  • Review your flashcards and notes for the one last time to ensure you can refresh your knowledge set.
  • Ensure you reach your examination center at least an hour before the commencement of the exam. This will allow you to sort out basic affairs like your roll number, examination hall, seating arrangements etc.

At last prepare yourself both mentally and physically and let your brain calm down to give your best attempt at the exam.

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