The Nuclear Button Barb Between Trump And Kim Smoulders The War Threat


The boasting by Donald Trump of having a bigger and largely powerful “nuclear button” that really works than what the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un possesses is surely not amongst his most dangerous tweet. This came as a back to back retort after Kim threw a spanner that the nuclear button is always kept on his desk and his nuclear weapons can strike U.S. mainland.

Has this become a celebrity feud for the world and on Trump’s part some sort of a personal combat between himself and Kim Jong Un. His recent tweet is certainly not a playful joke or plain jesting and reflects his over the year’s standpoint on persons he views as his enemies. Earlier he had his own refrains for Kim as he called him “short and fat” and that he’s a “sick puppy”. The other continuing references by Donald Trump for the North Korean despot are “Little Rocket Man” that goes unended.

From Trumps angle bluster and ridicule are the ways in which he approaches the various issues in his professional capacity. But it can generate dangerous outcome in the matter of North Korea. The constant growling threats from America might make North Korea believe that United States is making war preparations. It may even make them trigger the button first. The war threat on the nuclear button pressing should be cautiously handled and casual threats about the potency of the nuclear button though without much forethought should be stopped.

This is a huge military standoff with no lines of communication between both nations and neither any formal negotiation. A wee bit of misconception that the US is about to attack can make North Korea inflict a preemptive strike. So, no more sabre rattling on the nuclear button!