Sex is just the thing we need in our lives and truth be told, we enjoy every moment of it. But there are so many different kinds of them you can do it marvelous to be the part of it and enjoy every kind.

  • The love sex

This is the sex that you will definitely find in your life. it is when you and your mate are utterly and completely in love. You know each other and understand each other, and are perfect for each other in perfect sync. This will be one of the most beautiful sex you will ever have.

  • The Morning sex

Do not indulge in a quickie, in the morning. Make it long lasting, go ahead with foreplay and even put in a cuddle or two when it is over. The point is that you should have sex in the morning so that you get scared of being late to work but it is worth it.

  • The lazy sex

This one is one of the best kinds of sex you can have. What it means is that you just need to lay back and ask your partner to do all the work. Do not indulge in it and thank your partner as well for it when you are done with it.

  • The kinky sex

This is the kind of sex you need to have in your life. It is when you try out positions and techniques which are complex, difficult, and even impossible. Trying never hurts and if it does you can always say no and move on.


  • The make-up sex

Having a fight comes naturally with the relationships. But even better opportunity  strikes when you are done with the fighting. Make-up sex and you can really make things up for each other it helps to calm you down and have more love for each other. It is like the pleasure, warmth and peacefulness is need satisfying and pure bliss.

  • The awkward sex

This is the kind of sex almost everyone of us had it. It happens when you and your mate are new to each other and are still trying to understand each other and the strangers sometimes. there is a lot of awkwardness and newness at the same time which makes it fun and memorable at the same time.

  • The loud sex

You may already be having super loud sex or you may be really quiet in bed. If you are quiet or keep the volume to bare minimum, it is time you stepped it up, at least for once. Indulge yourself in sex so loud that your neighbors gets in shock. having loud is very sexy and intermediating for many people.

  • The break-up sex

Break-ups can be messy and sordid but the sex need not to be the same. having break-up sex is great and pleasurable and if you have not tried it till now you must. It only helps you get a closure but also helps you move on to greener pastures without blaming each other and forgetting bad moments spend and leave each other at a very good note in life.


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