For some, if not all Mumbai is synonymous with Bollywood. There is a way to survive in these kind of place there is a lot of struggle  for actors here and maybe sometimes you would feel like giving up but all it takes is one chance. It obviously starts with having a renting a place to stay in Versova or Bandra. The people struggling to become actors might or might no make it big, but about time everyone gets some credit for possessing such incredible spirit, and most importantly the courage to actually have a dream. And most important thing learning Hindi, dancing, acting are mostly compulsion everywhere.
  • Move to Mumbai

The very first and logical move is to shift to Mumbai. The city that never sleeps has it is own charm that attracts young, naive actors like a moth to a flame. But to really experience it all, but there is always a price to pay, quite literally.



  • Rent a house

The very first thing after moving to Mumbai is finding a house or a flat and start looking for them. The search is usually narrowed to Andheri, Versova to be even more specific, The real struggle begins here. People with corporate jobs usually do not want to share  the house with people who is dreamy and fancy the star-studded life. So it takes a great struggle to find a place to stay.


  • Do part time jobs

Unless you have unrealistically generous parents who keep providing you money every month, something has to be done to make that stop and have money enough for survival. There is a lot of in the To Do list. Like paying the rent, to give auditions, gym, shoots, So take up a job reminder every day till the time you achieve the goal, promising yourself to not to forget the dream to be achieved.



  • Have a critical opinion

If you are really passionate about your dream, put in the effort and do extensive research read books, watch artsy foreign movies, attend plays and shows in Prithvi theatre and in the end of the play discuss the play mostly criticise the performances by the actors and writers but only a point that can be proved because it will prove to everyone that you know your work and all lot more than just a pretty face.



  • Be Fit

Appearance is one of the most important things, which is why diligently going to the gym, yoga class and sticking to your routine is important. And even best way to meet new people and widen the knowledge for possible leads, in any field would be a help, photo shoots, supporting T.V. role or a commercial anything could be a step closer to the dream.



  • Photo shoot

All this process is going to take a lot of time so be patient and pursue the dream. Since portfolio is and is not important but to have one of them makes a good first impression so wasting a lot of money in it is not required. At best find a friend who is a photographer and could help in the situation.



My name is Yasmeen and I am a 20-something Indian born registered in the midst of a never-ending love affair with solo world travel. With a passion for exploring the planet and sharing my experince with the world i spend half of the time writing and clicking pictures and other half globe trotting.I have traveled across many places and cant wait to visit them all.


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